Cannes Lions Festival - Day Five

Entertainment Lions continues today and it was a day stacked with amazing panels and speakers that have been revolutionizing creativity. But today was important for another reason. I've been following Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's work for a few years, and truly admire her as a female leader in Silicon Valley. Today, I had the opportunity to listen to her speak on building communities on mobile alongside Jonathan Mildenhall, CMO of Airbnb and Colleen DeCourcy, Global Chief Creative Officer of Wieden + Kennedy.

People on average check their phone 150 times a day and spend countless hours consuming content on mobile. But even companies like Facebook and Airbnb were late to the mobile game. Now, they've not only been able to harness the power of mobile, but their audience plays a crucial role in their content strategy. When you're audience has such a strong loyalty to your company or mission, utilizing them and their creativity as part of your content strategy gives you more authenticity. We need to be able to both understand our communities and strategically use them to weave together a company's narrative. 

Whether our community is millennial women, wine lovers or travelers, brands need to immerse themselves into what the community is creating, curate it and use it to combine brand with community. Bake together your community's thoughts, feelings and emotions while using their mobile devices they already spend so much time on. But certain imperfections can arise when giving your audience this power, yet those imperfections can bring the most beauty to your brand. 


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